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Conserve Fisheries- Pack Out Trash

Spreading the word one piece of trash at a time...

Conserve Our Natural Playground

P.O.T. - Pack Out Trash

395 Anglers was created to teach the Angling community good daily ethics & morals towards nature.  

Packing out trash each Hike, Stop, rest trip etc on the 395 helps the community stay as non regulated as possible.

It has been a trend for centuries of people destroying the environment around them, which in the long run creates more regulations of public lands and often get the public land closed down temporarily or indefinitely. 

Help keep your travels and adventures clean and  encouraging to the community. Thank you for your support

—395 Anglers 

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395 Anglers & Reka Fly Fishing Gear working together to build a better environment. 

From the recently launched “Kids Academy” located locally at the McGee Creek Trout Ponds on specified dates. [Sign Up for Our mailing List to be updated]

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Making a difference one piece of trash at a time

A community building a future for the coming generations

A community building a future for the coming generations. Coming together to clean our playground and communities along the 395 Hwy from Southern California to Oregon. Along the 395 Hwy is many water canals, streams, rivers, lakes and what seems like endless desert. Among us playing in this wonderful stretch of land sometimes we can be aware and unaware of the trash being collected in the environment overtime. Sometimes it is from careless interaction from individuals and other its from having simple fun (accidents do happen). 

395 Anglers is here to build a community around self awareness of trash! Let’s rock it together and remember to PACK OUT TRASH.